After three years of cat and mouse, Derek Glesinger finally dropped the legendary Swords, a buck that weighed almost three times what he does.


Greg’s Reconyx trail cams had shown the old boy was still haunting their property; they just couldn’t connect with him. That all changed on October 8, a day that brought a rapid 30 degree temperature drop and a spiking barometer.

Armed with his Winchester rifle chambered in 7mm 08 they settle in an elevated blind overlooking a BioLogic Clover field. The weather conditions had the deer on their feet and with 10 minutes left of shooting light, Swords appeared marching out of the timber walking right pass the standing corn heading straight for the clover.

Derek settled his crosshairs in for a heart shot at 100 yards. The buck reacted and began running away, but not before Derek hit him again when he stopped at 140 yards. Swords headed off and disappeared into some nearby tall grass.

When Greg reviewed the footage to check the shot, he noticed a deer moving through the same thicket and cutting left. He assumed it was Swords, so suggested they wait until morning to begin their tracking job.

After an evening with a low of 39 degrees, the father and son pair stepped into the tall grass of the thicket and found Derek’s deer just 40 yards from where he last shot it. The deer on the video preview must have been another buck spooked by all the commotion.

While old Swords didn’t have the most impressive rack, his sheer body size made up for that. 298 pounds on the hoof of Wisconsin bred buck. Just getting him into the truck was a two man job.

Three years of hide and seek had finally came to a close with the crack of Derek’s rifle. This young deer hunter is going to have a hard time topping a buck of this size, but he’s got a lifetime to try.  Nice work buddy!


As told to Tim Kjellesvik