October 14: Dave Reisner

Skipping an arrow just under a 160 class buck would end most any hunt…but Dave’s mid-October sit was anything but typical.

Since 2012 he’d been watching Reconyx trail cam pictures of a nice buck on one of his Iowa farms. In 2015 the deer disappeared, but showed up again in 2016. Dave had him patterned with the standard bed to food routine. He knew the buck was on his feet in the afternoon on his way to a green food source, so he setup in an elevated ground blind over an alfalfa field.

From the southwest, this guy came into the field grazing, grunting and chasing does. He actually ran past Dave’s stand but didn’t stop to offer a shot until he was 45 yards from the blind.

Dave ranged him, but as he set the rangefinder down, the buck must have taken a few more steps away because when he shot, the arrow sailed just below the deer. Instead of bolting, the buck looked around for 20 seconds before resuming his grazing.

In partial disbelief, Dave nocked another arrow and watched as the deer’s attention was drawn to something in the direction of the blind. He was coming closer!

Once the buck got to 34 yards, Dave stopped him with a grunt and let his PSE Carbon Air loose. He was shooting Rage Extremes, which made for a simple blood trailing job when they came back for the recovery.

Mid-October is a great time to focus on food sources and ambush points between them and a deer’s bedding area. Dave took full advantage of that on this hunt and with a little help from a rare second chance, tagged this great Iowa buck.


As told to Tim Kjellesvik.