Dropping a deer with over 205 inches of antler requires risk and sacrifice; two things Coon Dog experienced while hunting the biggest deer of his life.

The risk: passing multiple 140+ inch deer with your PSE Dream Season 365 crossbow loaded and ready to rip, not knowing if the lone giant you’re hunting will show.

The sacrifice: the grind of trips out to the stand coming back empty handed with an unfilled tag.

But you know the one thing Coon Dog doesn’t do, right?

Give up.

Coon Dog had been working with Jeb Bailey of Suspect Outfitting in Allen, Oklahoma throughout the bow and season to pattern this mega-buck they ended up nicknaming “Booner Sooner.” They setup Muddy tree stands and blinds around a food plot to ensure they could effectively hunt deer in any wind.

Booner Sooner never presented an opportunity during the first portion of Oklahoma’s archery season, but the Reconyx images told Jeb the deer was still in play as muzzleloading season approached. Armed with his Traditions Muzzleloader, Coon Dog headed west once more for another shot at the deer of his lifetime.

The wind that evening called for a sit in a Muddy blind on the same food plot he’d been focusing on in the weeks previous. It was a self-filmed hunt, which always adds a layer of complexity to the pursuit, but all the risk and sacrifice came together as dusk approached.

Booner Sooner stepped out into the food plot during last light. With the camera up and running and his Traditions muzzleloader trained on this ghost of a buck, the evening silence was broken with a .50 peal of thunder.

The deer bolted but only made it 80 yards before going down. Heart still racing, Coon Dog breathed a breath of relief and celebration. He’d successfully hunted one particular trophy buck despite all the risks and sacrifices that would have deterred most any hunter.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.