October 28: Derek Glesinger

Young Derek Glesinger is five for five on Missouri’s youth rifle season after waiting for the right conditions to hunt.  

The bowhunting action in Iowa had slowed down, so the father and son team headed south to their Missouri farm to get Derek a chance to take a deer with his Winchester  7mm-08. They pulled cards out of the Reconyx cameras on a Friday afternoon and settled on an area that had good deer movement.

The location they chose had a BioLogic Clover Plus plot in it that the deer were using in the morning. Even though their time was short, they played it safe and waited until Saturday afternoon to get into position. The wind wasn’t perfect, but it was a southwest  breeze which was good enough to hunt this setup.

At 6:25, an eight point buck they’d never seen showed up into the clover, meandering his way towards the two until he was 100 yards out. Derek leveled the gun towards the deer, set the cross hairs on his vitals and pulled into the trigger.

The crack of the rifle wheeled the buck around racing back through the clover. 180 yards into his run he crumpled to the ground and it wasn’t long before Derek was sitting behind him smiling ear to ear with 131 6/8” of Show Me State antler in his grip.

As deer hunters, we all know the sense of urgency to get on a good animal in the limited time we have in the field.  In Derek and Greg’s hunt, we see the importance of patience in waiting for the conditions to be just right before jeopardizing a spot just because we want to start hunting. They could have risked bumping deer by hunting first thing Saturday morning, but they played it safe and waited for just the right time.  It looks like they made the right choice.


As told to Tim Kjellesvik