Greg and Kasey sure know how to plan for multiple hunting scenarios, which allowed Kasey to tag his very first Missouri buck.

The two had been reviewing Reconyx pictures of deer on Greg’s Missouri farm. Deer movement those photos indicated they needed to be hunting a stand location they’d began calling, “Big Cedar.” Multiple mature deer were using this area and since rifle season was on, the guys brought both the Winchester and the PSE Decree with them.

Prior to the hunt, they decided that if a management buck walked out within bow range, Kasey would get an opportunity at him. Greg and Kasey are about the same height, though Kasey still got some practice time in with the bow to ensure he could make an ethical shot if necessary. Armed with both a firearm and archery device, the two climbed into the blind ready for whatever situation would present itself.

Eventually, a six and a half year old management eight pointer stepped out of the cedars so the two quickly swapped tools. Kasey got the Decree and Greg took the camera. Once Greg settled in and had the deer in frame, Kasey took it from there and put a good hit on the buck with the Rage Extreme.

The deer ran 120 yards and left good blood before piling up. Kasey had his first Missouri buck and in the process, had removed that deer’s low potential genetics from the property.

The Reconyx research, Greg and Kasey’s planning and adaptability in the field allowed the two to capitalize on an opportunity that otherwise might have slipped past them.