November 10: Mike Klemmensen

Everyone has their thing....some hunters like typical antlers; others like non-typical. Some folks like a lot of points; others look for gross or net score. Some just want meat for the freezer. For me, I like the bruisers....big deer with big attitude. The kind of deer that command the timber and control the food plot. Even better if the antler frame matches the attitude. My buddy Tom Ware consistently introduces me to these beasts. This year was no different. He has a buck on his Missouri farm we call Thunder. A giant 8-point that lived on the north border. The Reconyx pictures of him quickly had me enamored.  Needless to say, every north wind found us on the north border looking for Thunder. 

After hunting 13 of 15 days, the last day to hunt before the Missouri 10-day gun season and my return to work was upon us. We slipped into the north border hoping that the big guy would grace us with his presence. An hour and a half before dark, we had deer movement; a few does and smaller bucks in the timber. I noticed a small buck chasing a doe on the hill side to our south. The buck I saw was a two year old and after the doe ran off I paid little attention to the activity on the hill. Little did I know that there was a second buck giving chase to that doe......and Tommy had him in the view finder on the camera. The buck was working a small scrape next to a cedar tree and milling around on the hill....then he decided to come our way.....Tom says to me "here comes a pretty good one!" 

My favorite words to hear is one of my kids to say "Dad, I love you." but a very, very close second is when I hear Tom say: "kill him!!" The buck passed through a shooting lane at 27 yards. I felt the shot was a little back, but the Rage bailed me out as the buck went less than 50 yards and fell in the field.  Wow! Although "Lightening" as we decided to call him, wasn't my target deer, I could not be happier to take this sweet buck the day before the guns started blazing....and who knows; maybe Lightening will lead to some Thunder!! 

I would like to thank Tom for including me on these adventures....I am blessed by your friendship. 

Hunt Safe, Klem.