November 12: Chris Comstock

How do you think your nerves would hold up playing hide and seek with a 190s class Missouri monarch for a few months?

Apparently Chris has what it takes.

This buck called Chris’ northeast Missouri farm home and had been showing up in Reconyx pictures since 2015. Back then, he was clocking in as a 160s class four year old buck…a nice deer in anyone’s estimation, but Chris saw more potential in this deer. Despite having opportunities to harvest him in 2015, he allowed him to pass to let him grow another year.

That discipline paid off as 2016 Reconyx images confirmed that the buck had put on some major antler growth. Chris got a first hand look at him twice during bow season; once passing due to insufficient camera light, the second when brush obscured a clear shot.

Rifle season arrived in Missouri and Chris was on stand opening day with his Winchester Model 70. Right off the bat, a great four year old buck came out into the beans and in range, but Chris was on a mission to kill the buck that had eluded him twice before. The rest of the day was relatively slow and his target buck didn’t show…until the following day.

Sunday morning was busy. A hot doe had this buck out and sticking close to her, but he wouldn’t be killed without a few more close calls. The first time he showed with the doe she spooked and ran back into the woods, taking him with her. The second time he appeared there was no clear shot to be had. Chris was certain that at some point in the day, this buck would make a mistake and offer a chance.

The third time this deer stepped out into the beans would be his last. Finally in the clear at 60 yards, Chris hit his hard fought buck with a round of Winchester Deer Season XP, ending a months long game of hide and seek with the biggest buck of his life.

The deer scored an impressive 193 and 7/8 inches. Because of Chris’ land management and discipline to pass as he grew, this buck was able to reach his full potential. The Reconyx pictures allowed him to hone in and be in the right place when the giant finally made a mistake.


As told to Tim Kjellesvik