November 14: Taylor Drury

The Missouri rifle season holds a special place in Taylor’s heart. She’s been bundling up in blaze orange and heading out with Dad every year since she was eight. Now at 22, she would be on her own and calling the shots on this hunt with cameraman Scott Rupert in the blind.

Taylor posted up in the same field she’d killed in during the 2014 and 2015 rifle seasons, a large BioLogic Winter Bulbs and Sugar Beet plot. Though it was still technically the Phase 7 (lockdown), Mark thought that the does would still be drawn to the green, bringing their bucks with them.

Though still a little warm, the barometric pressure was high. Taylor wanted to get in the blind a little earlier than usual. She and Scott got settled in around 2:00 pm and before the long, they were covered in deer, mostly does and young bucks.

At last light a buck that dwarfed every other deer popped out into the field shadowing a doe.  When she walked, he’d walk. When she ate, he ate. Both deer were at 200 yards in the distance and every time Taylor would place her Winchester Model 70 on him, he’d take off chasing his doe.

The cat and mouse game lasted for around 10 minutes until he finally paused long enough at 170 yards for a shot. Taylor wasn’t going to waste the opportunity. She hit him broadside and high in the shoulder with a Winchester Deer Season XP round in .243, dropping the 138 inch Missouri buck in place.

Taylor still loves Missouri’s rifle season and has shown that she’s got what it takes to harvest a mature buck all on her own.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik