November 18: STEVE FRANTZ

Six and a half year old mature bucks don’t fall easily, so Steve enlisted some help from above on this hunt.

On the Illinois shotgun leg of his Dream Season, Steve braved 40 plus mile per hour winds on November 18th, the first day of his hunt. His morning stand was in the timber and though he saw plenty of rutting activity, he decided to hunt over a corn field that evening. The evening session may have been windier than his morning hunt, but both sits revealed lots of chasing, but no clear opportunities for a trophy.

This Illinois property was home to a deer Steve had been watching for a few years. Twin Towers was a mature buck with a high profile rack and thick bases. The morning of November 19th as Steve stood watch in his stand again back in the timber, he said a prayer asking God for a chance at his target buck.

Five minutes later, chasing a doe, Twin Towers came trotting over a ridge, but it was just for show. He ran an arc following the doe and ran back over the same ridge he came from.

‘Please Lord, bring that deer back.’

Again, five minutes later Twin Towers was back in the field chasing a doe but this time, he was at 60 yards. He was still hot on the trail of the same doe and she brought him to closer Steve on this second lap.  One shot from the Winchester SXP and the buck Steve had been praying for was finally on the ground.

So much of deer hunting is about confidence and employing the right tactics, but a hunter can only do so much. Steve credits the success of this hunt to answered prayer and it’s hard to argue with the results!

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.