November 20: Doug Hampton

How angry would you be if some guys on a four wheeler drove through your set just as a shooter buck was about to walk in?

Doug was mad enough to throw his rangefinder.

Hunting Kansas after finishing up in Illinois, Doug and cameraman Jeff Hodge had Reconyx images of shooters from the prior three days. One was a deer they hadn’t seen all year, but had four years of sheds and pictures. He was coming through 30 minutes before dark and at 1pm.

It was then 11 am so the guys knew they needed to hustle to get set up. In fact, driving back down the road they saw a six and a half year old buck chasing a doe on a trajectory taking them toward their blind.

They hurried on and found a place to park, got suited up and used the terrain to hide their entrance into the blind. After a half mile dash, they slipped into the blind huffing and sweating, but began filming an interview. During the talk, Jeff noticed a shooter buck on the crest of the ridge on his way towards them, then spooked and ran off.

The growing growl of a four wheeler engine soon explained why the deer bolted. Surveyors working in the area busted the deer. Doug thought the entire hunt was over until he confronted the team back at his truck. Only then did he realize they hadn’t pressed into the timber like he thought. Maybe there was still hope for their afternoon?

Doug and Jeff got back into the blind at 2:30. At 4:30 another buck showed up on the ridge and Jeff began filming. With a deer on the horizon in frame, another shooter buck, one they’d nicknamed Homeboy, slipped into the shot and at 60 yards startling the guys.

Homeboy normally stayed near the farmer’s house, but here he was over a mile from his stomping grounds and closing the distance towards the blind. Doug ranged him at 34 yards before coming to full draw on his PSE DNA. He put a good hit on him with the Rage Chisel Tip and the 150 7/8 inch seven and a half year old deer made it only 60 yards before falling over.

A hunt that seemed doomed as it got started turned around thanks to Doug’s optimism. We’re also happy to report his rangefinder survived the beating it took.


As told to Tim Kjellesvik