Despite what we may think, when it comes to killing a deer, there are very few sure things.

But a five year old buck on Tom’s Iowa farm seemed like a pretty straightforward prospect. Nicknamed Colorado, this deer was a regular on the property. Not only did Tom have plenty of Reconyx pictures of him, but also his sheds from 2015.

That year, the buck seemed to be everywhere. Tom saw him all the time but passed to see what the following year would do for him. When his 2016 pictures showed that he had only grown a bit, he went onto the hit list. Tom knew this deer was killable given his habits in 2015. All he’d need was a west or northwest wind to get on him. Seems simple, right?


The 2016 deer season was unseasonably warm with winds generally coming from the south. The BioLogic Clover Plus plot and Muddy box blind setup would go unhunted until November 25. The forecast finally called for a west wind that day. Camera guy Ryan May drove up from Illinois to film his first Iowa hunt and the stage was set.

The two sat in the Muddy blind scanning and waiting for Colorado. As evening approached, does began filtering into the field to feed on clover. Suddenly, Tom’s eyes caught movement to his right. It was Colorado coming into the field. He was a too hard of an angle to get a shot at from the position Tom was in. The blind windows were down and the wary eyes of the does made movement near impossible.

He was stuck.

At least until a five year old buck stepped into the clover, drawing the attention of every deer in the field…including Colorado’s. Tom ranged him at 34 yards, came to full draw on his PSE Carbon Air and made the shot. After being hit by the Rage Hypodermic, the buck ran just 40 yards before toppling over.

Colorado and all of his 170 3/8 Iowa rack was down. Originally, it looked like killing Colorado would be simple, but a warm deer season with the wrong winds complicated matters, proving again there aren’t many sure things in deer hunting.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.