November 28: Kasey Morgan

Kasey’s Wisconsin hunt proves the power of weather over deer movement. The proof is this 142 6/8 inch mature whitetail buck.

Hunting a sliver of land in central Wisconsin immediately following the close of the state’s rifle season sounds like an exercise in futility. The surrounding properties were hunted hard so the deer should have been hunkered down…right?

Typically, yes, but a soaking 24 hour rain, coupled with gusting winds had the deer sticking close to home. The thought had crossed Kasey’s mind to do the same, but at 1:30 am on November 29, the rain and wind stopped. Kasey knew the deer on his property would need to get up to resume their rutting activities.

Kasey also knew there were at least two mature bucks on this property thanks to images on his Reconyx trail cams. The weather and pictures were enough to get him out of the house and into the woods armed with his PSE bow and since it was muzzleloader season, his Traditions Vortek.

It wasn’t long before a shooter buck showed up chasing a doe. At 30 yards, Kasey went to draw, but the buck caught his movement and began slinking out further away. The deer was conflicted not wanting to leave a hot doe, so stayed out around 75 yards.

That range is easily within reach of the Vortex so Kasey swapped out weapons and put the deer in his crosshairs. With the squeeze of the trigger, the buck dropped in his tracks and Kasey had scored his very first muzzleloader kill.

Not all odds are created equal and weather can trump them all. Kasey knew it and took advantage of the fact to harvest a great Wisconsin buck.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik