Pow baby pow! Another Coondog deer hit the ground in Kansas.

Hunting and filming solo on a friend’s lease in Kansas, Coondog made it happen on the first day of his hunt. The conditions were great for deer movement, not so much for anything else. With temperatures in the 20s and the wind kicking along in gusts over 30 miles per hour, it was a cold hunt.

Adding to the difficulty was the fact that Coondog had to film this hunt on his own. Running camera and getting set for a shot are no easy tasks. The alfalfa field he had set up on was drawing deer in, but it was also large that much of the field would be out of range. Since Kansas hunting regulations allow the use of baits and attractants on private lands (see page 6 of the 2016 Kansas Hunting & Furharvesting Regulations Summary), Coondog deployed Ani-Logics supplement near his blind.  

The morning sit brought one little buck and some does into the field. The evening hunt would be different. Two small bucks and a few does browsed on alfalfa for some time before this tall racked eight pointer stepped out. He began chasing the does, but also seemed interested in the Ani-Logics.

Coondog had put the supplement where he could easily get a shot out of two blind windows, but this buck was taking his time. He began browsing his way towards the Ani-Logics, so Coondog made a snap judgment to move the camera and shoot out of a different window…a little risky since the buck had gotten within bow range.

With the camera relocated, Coondog shouldered his Traditions muzzleloader and set the crosshairs on the deer’s vitals. At only 30 yards away, that gun put a wallop on him and he ran less than 100 yards before going down.

Despite the frigid conditions, Coondog’s solo mission Kansas was a success.

 As told to Tim Kjellesvik.