November 30: Kyle Lamore

Would you hustle out to the blind if you knew you’d only have an hour and a half to hunt? Kyle did on one of his Illinois farms and is glad he made that decision now.

If you thought students make tracks leaving the school building once the final bell rings, you should have seen Kyle and JJ motivate to get to their farm on December 1st. Armed with his muzzleloader, Kyle had been getting pictures of three mature bucks on a farm with good quality deer, but low numbers. Having solid intel from the Reconyx cameras gave the guys confidence to invest their time at that location.

One of the bucks on Kyle’s list was a familiar deer he named Muley Eight. Though he had little time in the blind, it didn’t take long for the action to start. The sun dipped low over the Illinois countryside and with the clock winding down, at 4:40 a fawn stepped out into the field.  The fawn was followed by a doe that was followed by Muley Eight.

This short sit had just gotten interesting.

The doe was uneasy in the field, so it wasn’t until she lowered her head to begin grazing that Kyle had opportunity to get the gun through the window of the blind. Once he did, making the 80 yard shot came naturally. Muley Eight shuddered at the impact and dropped in his tracks as the two other deer scattered.

There were two discouraging factors on this hunt: low deer numbers on the farm and little time to hunt it that evening. The first challenge was overcome by Reconyx pictures that verified there were trophy bucks on the property, giving Kyle and JJ the motivation to get out there. The second challenge was the short window of time they had for the hunt. While it would have been nice to have more time in the field, ultimately, the deer didn’t care how long they sat before killing him. Kyle took the initiative to get out and was rewarded with a trophy buck with plenty of character.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik