Will the real deer named “Couch” please stand up? We’re about to bring his story full circle.

Back on November 13th, Scott killed a buck that severely perplexed him once he laid hands on it. He was chasing a chunk of a 10 pointer on his Iowa property that he’d nicknamed Couch because of his size. The deer he thought was Couch that he killed was really a smaller, but strikingly similar buck.  Smaller to the tune of 80 pounds and 20 inches of rack. At first he thought the rut had simply run him down, but after reviewing Reconyx pictures of the real couch, nuances in his antlers made it clear that he had killed a different deer, not Couch.

On opening day of Iowa’s muzzleloader season, Scott and partner Tom Ware pulled cards on their farm to help them decide where to hunt. To their surprise, the real Couch had been in their BioLogic Radish, Winter Bulbs and Sugar Beets food plot just the day before around 1:30 pm. Though it was blistering cold and they had other (warmer) box blinds showing greater quantities of bucks, they decided to hunt Couch out of a Muddy blind on that plot.

The hunt started at 1:30 pm on the 19th with temps in the single digits and wind chills far below zero. Even the hand and toe warmers they used weren’t enough to stave off the cold. The wind was favorable for this location, but cut right through them as they sat facing into it. Conditions were tough and aside from a few does, they weren’t seeing any deer.

But it’s not over until it’s over, and with only 20 minutes of daylight remaining, Couch himself lumbered out into the field. Startled, Scott slapped Tom’s thigh to get his attention.

“There he is! There’s Couch!” He whispered anxiously to Tom.

This was the first time either of the guys had seen this elusive deer. It was only because of Reconyx images that they knew he even existed.

Scott readied his Traditions Vortex and endured a grueling eight minute wait until Couch finally turned broadside at 75 yards. Through the concussion and smoke of the shot, Scott could tell the buck acted funny on impact. Instead of giving him a half hour, they went back and put the footage up on a TV to determine where he actually hit him.

The video revealed a hit that was farther back than Scott intended…likely a liver shot. As the deer ran away, they could plainly see blood coming out of his wounds, so that gave them hope. After five hours of waiting, they grabbed flashlights and went back out for the recovery.

20 yards off the field where the hit occurred was evidence the buck had struggled to get up over six times before moving on. That concerned the guys so they backed out to wait for morning.

The next day they picked up the trail where they had paused it the night before. Since there was snow on the ground, the blood trail was easy to follow and after 75 yards, they found him.

For Scott, it felt like he’d killed Couch twice but saved the biggest version for last. The first Couch (or Love Seat they decided to rename him) went 141 inches while the real Couch clocked in at 160 1/8.  A true full circle story and it was all made possible by information gleaned from their Reconyx trail cams.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik