The Lone Star state shines bright for Rick as he headed south in search of spring Rios with his PSE.

Rick and Dan accepted Daryl Burttschell’s invitation to come hunt the Venado Pescado Ranch in south Texas. No arm twisting was required since the property is home to a healthy population of wild turkey. Daryl and guide Tyson had some birds scouted before the guys arrived. All that was left to do when they got on property was to roost some gobblers, set up a couple Muddy blinds, then get some rest for their big opening day hunt.

At first light, long beards could be heard all around their location. A couple flew down just behind their blind, but were henned up and drifted away. About an hour later, a group of seven gobblers broke free and came into the field inspecting Rick’s decoy.

The toms were bunched up initially, but when one stepped out of the flock, Rick came to full draw on his PSE Evolve. At 24 yards, he steadied a pin on the bird’s vitals, executed the release and sent a Rage Extreme through the bird.

After a ten yard dash, the tom fell over dead. Two of his buddies came over to harass him, offering the potential for a second kill. Rick nocked and arrow but couldn’t clear a shot around a tree. Just over an hour into their Lone Star state turkey hunt, Rick and Dan had a bird down.

The two hunted through the heat of the remainder of the day to get Dan on a bird, but to no avail. They saw turkeys, they just couldn’t get them to commit and come in close enough. As the Texas sun sank in the west, the guys returned to the lodge tired but satisfied. The Lone Star state had shone for Rick and they still had another full day of hunting ahead of them. Find out what happened during day two here.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik