March 24: Kyle Lamore & JJ Kolesar

The shed hunting season in Illinois had dwindled and the spring turkey season opener was still on the horizon, so Kyle and JJ decided to get a jump on the gobblers by heading west to Nebraska.

The guys reconnected with their buddies Brian Wiese and Cody Sirek who had boots-on-the-ground scouting intel of where the flocks where roosting. The birds were still bunched up in their winter pattern, which meant blind location was critical.

After ten hours on the road, they arrived in Nebraska at 2 a.m., giving them time for a leisurely two and a half hour nap before their alarms went off. It was no matter. The excitement of getting on turkeys was all the motivation they needed to roll out of bed.

Daylight broke on day one of the hunt accompanied by more gobbling than the guys hear all season in Illinois. Kyle was setup in a blind with Brian filming him and JJ was in a different location with Cody behind the camera.

Positioned near a cow pasture, Kyle focused on catching the birds picking through cow pies for insects. Around 8:30 that morning the plan paid off as a mature tom strutted into range. Kyle pointed his PSE RDX crossbow at the bird and squeezed through the shot .The Rage broadhead did its job and Kyle was on the board in Nebraska.

Not far away, JJ was having an equally great morning. His turkeys came in to his set motivated to meet up with a hen. As the gobblers marched in, Cody put a big gobbler in the camera’s frame and whispered to JJ, “Okay, I’m on the strutter.”

JJ responded in a hushed voice, “Which strutter? There are six!”

Once they got settled on which mature bird to take, JJ made quick work of him with his PSE Fang tipped with a Rage broadhead. After only one day of hunting, both guys had notched their first tags.

The second day of the hunt was a little different. JJ saw toms, but they wouldn’t peel away from their hens to get into range. Kyle, however, had a beautiful Merriam’s follow two hens toward his blind. Again, shooting his PSE RDX, he dropped his second bird at 35 yards.

The early road trip to Nebraska paid off for JJ and Kyle with three birds in just two days of hunting. They were able to squeeze one more quick hunt in for Brian on their third and final day. Read how that turned out here.  

As told to Tim Kjellesvik