After two days behind the camera watching Kyle take two great Nebraska turkeys, Brian got a surprise at-bat that made Kyle just a little envious.

Ani-Logic’s own Brian Wiese and Cody Sirek had pre-scouted a Nebraska property and hosted JJ and Kyle on a three day hunt that ended with the boys from Illinois taking home three toms. With just a few hours to hunt before they left on day three, Kyle and Brian sat in the same blind where Kyle took his Merriam’s the day before, only this time, Brian wielded the PSE RDX crossbow and Kyle manned the camera.

Again, the birds were vocal , but hanging tight to the timber. They couldn’t get a tom to come in close until around 9 am when a big gobbler showed up following a hen.

The bird approached from behind the blind, causing the guys to quickly and quietly reposition themselves. Once they got set up, Brian aimed the RDX at the bird and sent a bolt tipped with a Rage broadhead through the turkey, killing it quickly. Kyle was happy to have returned the favor for Brian’s hospitality…until they went to admire the tom.

Once they got their hands on the bird they were able to verify that it had a triple beard and was one of Brian’s best turkeys to date. Kyle laughed as he recounted the hunt saying, “If I would have known that triple beard was going to show, I’m not sure I would have been so quick to turn over my RDX!” But it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. In fact, just getting to hunt with Brian and Cody was a treat for JJ and Kyle. Their camaraderie in camp was hard to beat and made the long drive to Nebraska worth it.

Now let’s see if Kyle will ever let Brian forget about the depths of his unintended graciousness that led to him taking this bird!

As told to Tim Kjellesvik