Right Choice

Wow here we are in Huntingdon Tennessee on a special hunt, “Kids Hunting For A Cure”. Comstock and I were really excited to participate in such a great event.

So upon our arrival we knew we had a short window to learn the area we were hunting! Now it was time to do some leg work because the morning did not help our scouting mission, but once we were in the timber it did not take long to pick out a great location.

The blind was set and then we were off to locate one more spot. The reason was, rain was on the way and we knew that we needed a set in the timber and one in the field for that game time decision!

After meeting back at the convention center for a special evening, it was time to take the hunter Ty McClain back to the house for a restless night sleep!

The next morning we woke up to no rain even though they were saying an 80% chance we thought that the Turkey gods were looking down on this great event for all these kids that were going out this morning. With no rain it was the timber set, but once we were set up the rain started coming down!! I know for a fact as Comstock and I were sitting there we were both thinking man should we have went to the field? But as luck would have it the rain stopped and two long beards started ripping it.

Now where in the ballgame!! The birds hit the ground and it was time to go to work! With the camera rolling Comstock was able to convince the bird to come to our location. Once he arrived it was a cat and mouse game for Ty and me. When Ty had a shot at the bird he was off camera and when I had the bird Ty was not able to shoot.

The best part even though it was tuff for Ty he got to experience a real turkey hunt and how hard it is to get a timber kill on film. After ten minutes the bird did just what we needed him to do and he stepped out and we both had him in our sights. With that the Thompson Center roared and Ty’s bird hit the ground.

What a way to complete a great event “Kids Hunting For A Cure”. I would like to say thanks to everyone who made this hunt a special for all the kids and their families but most of all letting Drury Outdoors be a part of such a great cause!

P.S. Not a better way to kick off Long Beard Madness 17!!!!