April 8: Ashley Playle

My grandchildren never cease to amaze me. Zach has been hunting with me for years. Andrew harvested his first whitetail last fall. Ashley has been going to the farm with us for years, but never wanted to shoot anything. A few years ago she got hit in forehead by the scope while target shooting.

Think this made her apprehensive. Coon Dog and I took her several times but she just wouldn't (pull the trigger). She was with her brother Zach and Taylor Drury when they shot their first deer eight years ago. We were very patient with her. I was hoping someday she would ask to go hunting.

That was then, this is now! A couple of months ago Ashley started saying she would kill a turkey. Zach said he thought that she was serious this time. Andrew was suppose to come up, but because of an emergency his father wasn't able to leave.

We picked Ashley up after school and shot the gun. She smashed the turkey target. After she zeroed the gun, I began to think this really might happen.

Zach was in a baseball tournament out of town and I didn't think he would be able to help us. Ashley and I stayed at the cabin. I got up opening morning and Zach was asleep on the couch. He had only three hours of sleep, but he kept saying it was worth it to go hunting with us.

I took Ashley to a newly planted plot of Biologic Clover Plus and oats. Ashley and I were in a ground blind with the King Strut and Shady Lady at 20 yards. Zach was at 70 yards in a shooting house with another camera and his calls.

Zach is an awesome turkey caller. He sounded as good or better than the real hens. We had half a dozen gobblers roosted within 200 yards of us. They gobbled hard for 30 minutes then shut it off.

At about 7:30 we heard a gobble in the distance. Zach started to work him. Within 10 minutes Zach had called the bird to the field with seven hens. The gobbler strutted all the way in to the King Strut with his hens all around

After quite a show Ashley dumped him at 20 yards. She used a 20 gauge 2 3/4 inch with high base dove loads in 7 ½. Mark had told me about this load. What an awesome hunt!!!!

We were at supper with Ashley last night and she ask when she would be able to shoot her second turkey.

I have a wonderful family and four awesome grandkids. I'm the luckiest grandpa in the world!!

PS: Andrew is up to bat the Saturday before Easter..

Safe Hunting