Buuuurrr!  That's all I can say for opening day of the Missouri Turkey Season.  Up here in Northern Missouri on dad's farm it was definitely a little chillier then what I had been accustomed to for an opening day, but I was just happy to be out of the office and in the turkey woods! 

On Sunday night Coon Dog decided he wanted to split the Team up and run and gun with a couple of film crews to try and  harvest a few birds so Mark, Dad and myself decided to go together on dad's place.  Dog and Comstock went together and Kilmer and "New Guy" Adam went out on their own.

The morning started very...VERY....slow.  We surprisingly heard several birds gobbling, but they just weren't working the way we would like.  We sat in a ground blind for a few hours and were gonna try a new tactic..."Patience".  Of course, we weren't patient long and we decided to head back to the bunk house and grab something to eat around 10 a.m.  

We loaded up on enough junk to last for about 3 weeks and headed back to the woods.  We jumped on the Dream Season Edition HuntVe and started driving and striking.  We finally heard a couple in the heart of dad's timber and decided to set up.  

We played cat and mouse with them for over an hour and half and set up 3 different times, but finally Mark and dad's calling enticed them enough to get within eye sight of the brand new Flambeau Jester and Shady Lady.  Once they locked in on the decoys....look out!  They came strutting up the logging road and worked in to give me a great 20 yard shot.  

It never gets old getting out in the woods and it really is a blast when you get to hunt with a couple of world class turkey callers that just happen to be family as well.  Great day today for sure!  -Matt