One can never really explain to non hunters the excitement of a turkey gobbling to start off the dark morning! This past Monday we really didn't know if any gobblers were going to be on this ridge we were located on but we soon got our answer as the first gobble of the morning rang off about 75 yards from our ground blind, followed by about 10 other gobbles around the area! I looked at my cameraman Brennan and was hoping I wasn't lighting up the ground blind with my white smile! The feeling of that deep gobble in my bones was pretty cool.

My daughter Jessica now understands that feeling because just two days ago she harvested her 2nd big Tom, although we didn't catch it on video. She heard those same gobbles in her bones down in Missouri and said "Dad, that's my favorite part of turkey hunting!"

Back to Iowa...the big gobbler hit the ground from the roost that morning and headed the opposite direction. My excitement turned into frustration. We called a few times and birds answered but they all had hens. We couldn't budge them...so we waited them out!

Later on we actually saw one hen walk off from a big Tom heading to her nest. We knew that was now our bird! We gave him a few soft yelps and he came into us likes a kid to an ice cream truck.

He thought he had a new girlfriend to replace the one that just left him. Instead I had an unfortunate meeting planned with a friend named Rage. I sent that Rage through him at 320 fps. He was done and so was I.

I love shooting turkeys with my PSE!