I have not got to hunt as much as I usually do this year due to work obligations, but I went out one evening and didn’t do any good and I had taken off work the following morning. So late that evening we pulled up and drove to my farm and we got there just before dark and I hit a owl call....a bird gobbled about 100 yards down the ridge. We waited until it got completely dark and set the blind up and then slipped in quietly the next morning.

I had the new decoy Rocky out along with Dixie, it began to get daylight and he started gobbling but had hens with him.  They began to call aggressively on the limb so I did the same and when they hit the ground one of the hens came to the field and then straight to the decoys!

We were pinned down from calling much at all, but she began yelping and he went crazy then he came down the old log road and seen Rocky in full strut with Dixie and one his hens and came straight to Rocky. I ran a Rage right threw his neck, what a great hunt and a great season!

I took Melissa the second day and she harvested a bearded hen with a 8.5” thick beard, and Ashley took a nice 3 year old the first morning so the season couldn’t be any more complete, I always look forward to Spring Turkey Season every year since it is a family event for the Payne family.

Louie Payne