Turkey hunting can be very tough when the weather cooperates. When it dosn't, it's nearly impossible. My son-in-law Aaron Dent took a few days leave to hunt turkeys with us. This year has been as bad as I can remember weather wise. The birds are here but it won't stop raining.

Zach had Good Friday off school, so Aaron, Zach and I stayed at the farm Thursday night. The three of us discussed what our plan would be. We decided that if it wasn't raining we would hunt the timber in one of our favorite spots. If it was raining we would go to a shooting house. When we awoke on Good Friday, we had a constant drizzle. It wasn't raining hard so we decided to stick with our original plan. At daybreak we were in one of our favorite areas, but it had started raining harder. The turkeys were really gobbling good and we didn't want to leave. Zach set up 20 yards or so behind us. Aaron was shooting, I was filming and Zach was calling. When the birds flew down we had birds on three sides of us. We had one bird at 30 yards, but we couldn't see him. Everything Zach did had the birds really fired up. Aaron was aiming at the bird at 30 yards when I noticed one coming down a logging road at 100 yards. I whispered to him to turn slowly. We pulled it off. The bird was walking straight for us (looking for us). Everytime it would thunder the birds would gobble. When the bird got 30 yards, Aaron shoot him.

By the time we got back to the truck, we were soaked. I don't usually hunt in conditions like this, but it's hard to leave birds gobbling even in the rain. Hopefully the weather will straighten up for the remainder of the 2011 season.

Good Hunting

John Williams