This hunt actually started a few weeks before the spring turkey season when I contacted Matt Robinson from the Hunting Lease Network (www.nationalhuntingleases.com). I told him I was looking for a piece of great whitetail ground that I could lease for the upcoming deer season. Matt is the Missouri representative for the Hunting Lease Network and is in charge of well over a hundred farms. The cool part is that he knows every single farm really well. After walking several farms, Matt notified me about a tract that he thought would be really good. Later that week I walked the farm, fell in love with it, and won the bid for the lease. Needless to say, I was EXCITED!

Although my focus was on deer at the time, I knew the farm had potential to have amazing turkey hunting.

A week into the Missouri turkey season found me still trying to tag a bird. It had been raining for a week straight, and the birds just weren’t gobbling. I hunted several different farms with no luck. It was almost a miracle to even see a strutter, or hear a gobble after fly down – probably the toughest season I had ever hunted. So, I decided to try the lease….

My roommate, Will Kovac, and I slipped into position on the edge of a big bottom field in the dark, and when gobble time started, the birds happened to be across a big creek, roosted in another bottom field. After they pitched out, I gave a few yelps and one answered. Within seconds we heard wings flapping, and a big ol’ longbeard appeared in our field. Unbelievably, he flew across a really big creek to get to us, strutted and gobbled all the way in which took him about 20 minutes, then decided to get spooky at 55 yards….so, I fed him a load of No. 6’s and he dropped like a sack of potatoes.

The key to success in a tough turkey season is to never give up, and cover as much ground as you can. Luckily, I had an awesome lease to hunt when all my other spots failed! Big thanks to my roommate Will Kovac for giving up his morning hunt in order to film me!

Be safe out there and good luck!