April 30: Leroy White

It is hard to believe that a year has past since my first Wounded Warrior event! Now I find myself on my way to the Pine Mountain Chapters annual Wounded Warrior/Wheeling Sportsman event. Last year Catlin Mixson was my hunter and he took his first Eastern and it was also the biggest bird taken of the hunt.

This year I am excited to meet my hunter and for the hunt. The weather is supposed to be great for the weekend. After the warriors arrived I found out that my hunter was RET. SGT. Leroy White III from Savannah, Tennesse. We had a great meal got to know one another and got to fellowship with everyone before we retired for the night.

The next morning at 4:00 a.m. we all met at the registration table and everyone signed in and got with our transportation to the blinds that we would be hunting. We all loaded up into the Polaris Rangers and off we were. As we got settled into the blind and daylight started to break we heard a few hen tree yelping and then heard them pitch to the ground. We finally heard a bird gobble about 300 yards behind us around 10:30. That was it for the mornings hunt.

After we were picked up and taken back to camp we had a awesome lunch. After lunch we were surprised by an Apache helicopter that was sent for the event! It was impressive sight and a touching moment since this was a service related hunt. With all the midday events that were going on the time flew bye and it was time to go back out! For the evening hunt we were taken to blind # 11. It was over looking a secluded food plot on top of a ridge.

As we got settled into the blind the the temperature had hit 81 degree's and he was extremely hot. As we talked in the blind and Leroy told of some of his stories of war it would make the hairs on your arms raise! It once again drove home what the men and women of the armed force do to protect us and this great land!

Finally Leroy spotted a bird coming into the food plot from the other end. As got the camera up and on the bird
they were actually 4 birds coming in silent! All gobblers!

We had the Flambeau Shady Lady hard shell and the flocked hen decoys out. With just enough wind to move the
decoys 2 of the Toms came in to check them out! As Leroy settled in on him I told him to wait and see what they were going to do. As he circled the decoy and gave Leroy a good shot I gave him the signal and he dropped him in his tracks!

It was a great hunt for a great cause and once again my hunter RET. SGT. Leroy White III took the biggest bird of
the hunt and he said it was his biggest bird to date as well! It is great to get to do these hunts for DOD and myself!

I have met a lot of good people all across this land and
made a lot of friends doing so. I have been blessed to have made a couple of more this trip as well. Leroy White III and Mr. Sid Stafford!!

Congratulation to Leroy! Hey you know what else I got out of this hunt! An invitation to The White House for dinner!

It is in Savannah, Tennesse and after spending time with
Leroy it is one of the greatest honors every bestowed on me! -Joe