August 31: Rick Malik & Dan Thurston

I can’t believe the 2011 hunting season is finally here! Dan Thurston and I are back in Wyoming at Trophies Plus Outfitters with Mike Watkins. Two years ago, Dan and I had an awesome hunt. This year, we arrived several days before season to scout and hang stands. We saw a ton of great bucks and were excited for the season to start. I was up on day one and couldn’t wait to put the PSE Evo in my hand.

We had deer al over us from the time we climbed in our stand. Several shooter bucks entered the field not long after we were in our stand. We were watching some good bucks when I looked behind us and saw a great buck at 15 yards! He was in our wheel house and we didn’t even know it! Dan said he was on him as he circled our stand. Soon, he stepped out and gave me a great broadside shot. Dan gave me the green light and I smoked him at 18 yards. Unfortunately, when Dan moved he camera around the tree to get on the buck, he hit the “eject tape” button and didn’t know it. We had a bit of Bow Madness and a lot of camera Sadness. We captured none of my harvest! We were both sick about the mishap. I told Dan, there were much worse things in life to worry about.

The next day found us back in the same stand. It was really windy and the deer were very nervous. Tons of deer started to pour into the field, but ran to the top of the field. Once they got the wind right, they started to work back towards us. Just then, Dan said we had a shooter coming. He was a tight high racked 8pt, that we had on our hit list. He did just perfect and presented Dan with a 40 yard shot. Dan was ready with the PSE TAC 15 Crossbow and smoked him. He went 50 yards and was done. This was the first ever buck with a crossbow at Trophies Plus Outfitters.

Dan and I want to both thank Mike and Ester Watkins for another fantastic hunt in WY. It is one of our favorite hunts of the year. A truly magical place. All in all, a great trip!