September 10: Louie Payne

This deer season sure brought a lot of changes for me by getting on a new lease with a few of my buddies, this farm lies in Bullitt Co. KY and most of it is timber, but we all jumped in and worked hard to make a few food plots and we hung several sets of stands, then started setting up Reconyx cameras to see what kind of deer we had and after the first week we were all surprised at the quality of the bucks, then after 2 weeks we had about 6 shooters and the deer that caught my eye the most, is one that I named Bullitt, so I set my sights on him from day one.

With the KY archery season opening September 3rd I knew we needed to get the food plots in the ground early but we were taking a chance that we would get rain so the Biologic food plots were put in the ground.

The second week of August and wouldn’t you know it NO RAIN so I had no food plots to hunt over early so that threw me out of my element since I hunt food sources a lot but I found a few red oak trees dropping some acorns and I put a camera on it and guess who was showing up just about every evening Bullitt so on the 5th hunt of the year it all came together.

The evening of September 11th the wind was right to go to the red oak set and I knew a lot of does were feeding there before Bullitt came in so we had our work cut out for us not to spook any of those does because I knew if they snorted us out the hunt would be over so about 7:00 some does and young ones came in and they stayed for about 45 minutes and finally they began to feed off and I saw another deer down in a small bottom and looked with the binos and it was Bullitt and he just stood there looking for about 3 minutes and then he started up the draw that came right in front of our set so I told Lonnie get ready he is coming, he walked up the draw and came up on the oak flat and stared us down for minute and he finally turned his head and I got the PSE back when he turned broad side I let the Rage find its mark and was rewarded with a beautiful buck that I named Bullitt.

Louie Payne