First off I would just like to say how excited big brother and I are to be officially part of the Drury Outdoors team! This particular story started last year when we acquired a new farm here in our home state. The same farm that we harvested “Big Tex” and “Big Heavy” last year during Dream Season Workin’ Man. When we first started studying this farm last season, we were blown away at how many bucks we were getting on our Reconyx. Bucks of all ages were showing up on camera. Last season we took the two oldest deer on the farm and left the three year olds and younger. Were already reaping the benefits of those the first three days into the 2011 season.

The deer we call “Seven” started showing up on Reconyx in the fall of’ 10 as a young frame seven point. His left side was just a big fork with a browtine. We nicknamed him “Seven” for that reason. After November hit last year, he disappeared. We didn’t think much about it, because we had several three year olds at that time that we would be looking for this year.

Fast forward to this past summer. First batch of Reconyx photos came in during the middle of July and we were a little puzzled at who this deer was. I started back looking through last year’s photos. After that, I remember exactly who he was! It was “Seven” and he had blown! He still kept the big fork on his left side but his frame and age was definitely mature! As summer rolled on, the Reconyx rolled on taking photos of him as well. We were still puzzled as why weren’t getting “Holy Rack” and “Buzz”. These were our two superstar three year olds in the fall of ’10. To this day, I still don’t have a picture of them this season. “Seven” became one of the main targets now.

Opening day of Alabama bow season FINALLY rolled around. It seemed as if every other state in the U.S. had opened except us. Blair was up to bat first. We had got several pictures of “Seven” and another target four year old called “Junior” the two weeks leading up to opening weekend. This particular ridge we are hunting on this farm is filled with red oak and white oak acorn trees. This is the KEY to our success in early season on a tough state to hunt! Opening day brought a ton of small bucks and does. The next morning was Sunday, and we opted to go to church that morning. As luck would have it, “Seven” walked right past our stands that morning! That evening, Blair and I were back on the ridge with no luck. The weather was warm and the movement was slow.

After Sunday’s evening hunt, Blair and I decided that I would hunt that deer this whole week leading up to us leaving for Hadley while he had work obligations. I had my buddy pumped and ready to try to lay this big Alabama four year old on the ground. Monday (Oct 17) morning was our first morning in the timber together. The morning was a little warmer than the last couple and the movement was slow early. At 8:30 a.m. I turned to look behind us and I could see a couple small bucks coming right to us. Then I noticed another deer behind them, which turned out to be “Seven”! I got my PSE ready and it was about to be show time. The big four year southern buck was walking a trail that was going to come by our stands at 12 yards. He got to 18 yards and the PSE Dream Season Evo let him have it! A double lung shot at 18 yards with the two-blade Rage calls for a short and happy blood trail! Only 40 yards from where I shot him lay the big four-year-old Alabama buck that we call “Seven”. This kicks our season off and I could not be more pumped to be apart of Drury Outdoors and the new Dream Season 9 Cast. I am very excited about the unique and dynamic cast of Dream Season 9 this upcoming year. It’s sure going to be fun! This is just the start of the season and there will be a lot more killin’ from the Bama Boys! Good luck to all hunters out there this fall and stay safe!
Over and Out, and ROLL TIDE!