October 21: Zach Playle

Zach and I worked all spring and summer on our farm. We did all the normal things deer hunter's do; check and tweek stands, move shooting houses, and plant food plots. This year we put extra effort into checking our Reconyx cameras. We checked the cameras regularly. We started noticing several nice bucks including the one Zach harvested this past week-end. We normally just have Biologic Clover Plus during the summer months. This year we tried something a little bit different. I always keep the ground worked where I am going to plant my fall food plots. This year we planted some soybean seed we got from the Missouri Conversation Commission. This seed was a year old. I knew it wouldn't germinate as well as new seed, but I was going to disk it under anyway so why not. This soybean idea was all Zach's. He kept asking if I had planted the soybeans on our south farm. He was right. The deer fed on them all summer. I do believe we had more deer staying on the property because of this. Mid August arrived; we fertilized our fall plots and disk the fertilizer into the beans. Then I came back and broadcast Biologic Maximum and winter bulbs and sugar beets. The deer began hitting the Biologic as soon as it popped out of the ground. We started seeing the deer Zach killed in the same area of the farm feed on the Biologic. A week ago we put Ashley (Zach's little sister) in a shooting house with a camera on a tripod. Zach and I couldn't hunt the area Ashley was filming because of the wind. Ashley filmed this buck and several others pigging out on the Biologic, winter bulbs and sugar beets for close to an hour. It was going to take a west northwest wind to hunt this area. Fast forward to last Saturday evening and we had the NNW wind. The Big Game stand we were going to hunt was in a big wlanut tree that had lost it's leaves. We put on our Mossy Oak Scent Blocker and headed for the tree. Zach was shooting his new PSE EVO. Zach had practiced to 50 yards. This buck came in broadside at 30 yards. He didn't have a chance. He hit him perfect. He was using a 2 blade Rage broadhead. The arrow passed through both lungs. The buck made it 70 yards pumping blood out both sides. We went back to the cabin to view the footage on TV. In actuality the buck was dead before we got out of the tree stand. I'm up to bat now with the rut almost upon us.

Missouri youth season is November 5th and 6th this year. Andrew and Ashley are up to bat then. I really enjoy hunting with these kids. If you haven't hunted with a young person, you are missing out on a lot of fun and excitement.

Safe Hunting


PS: Youth season this year is right in the middle of the rut. This could be interesting.