It's been extremely dry for the past month in southern Iowa and a couple of my friends killed some nice bucks in the last couple days on a water source. Klem and I used took their advice and headed to a hidden pond inside the timber than runs along a big crp field. Access was awesome with the HuntVe and we snuck in for our morning hunt. It was perfectly located between food and bed and our wind blew over the crp. We couldn't have asked for a better setup!

We saw a couple little bucks early along with a doe and fawn. It was about 50 degrees and with no water in the creek beds on my farm I figured we would see several deer passing through to get a drink. I was right!

It was about 8:30 and a smaller buck came in to water. He soon was on high alert and I knew another deer was approaching. I looked to my right and here came a dark horned 9 pt. I saw how heavy he was and then remembered him from last year. Klem and I had nick named him Bailey after Klems son. He was really aggressive last year and had tons of potential...just like the real Bailey!!

This year he turned into a really nice buck! I asked Klem if he was on him and as soon as he said "kill em" I released the rage tipped arrow and luckily clipped the bottom of his heart.

Big buck down before Halloween and couldn't be happier!