This past week the cast and crew of Dream Season Season 9 were being hosted by the always-generous Stacey and Michelle Ward of Hadley Creek Outfitters. The accommodations at the Walnut Knob lodge couldn't have been nicer, and we settled in for a week of awesome Pike County, Illinois hunting.

Our first morning morning out didn't disappoint, including an encounter with a borderline 10-point that almost got a taste of the Rage. But the week was young, so we elected to pass and wait for something a little more worthy of the Hadley name.

That afternoon we snuck in over a field that was a combination of cut and standing corn. Right off the bat, at the other end of the field, we saw a small-racked 10-point chasing a couple of does. Needless to say, we felt good about the set. Then, a short time later, we watched a bobcat meander across the field, lay down, get up, roll around, and provide all sorts of afternoon viewing entertainment. This was going to be a good night!

About 4:45 we heard some thrashing in the thicket just to the south of us. "Maybe it's buck fever," we thought, but it sounded just a like a big buck tearing up the timber. Then sure enough, a few minutes later, out stepped the buck we were waiting for. 

He circled around directly in front of us, and directly downwind, too. But with our Scent Blocker Dream Season suits and previous Ti4 spraydown, he didn't have a clue what was about to happen. At 12-yards I released the PSE Dream Season EVO and the Rage found its mark. He didn't go 75 yards, and we heard him crash in timber. Just like that, my week at Hadley was over, at least as far as the hunting goes.

And for icing on the cake my partner Doug arrowed a giant old doe with his PSE recurve on Wednesday morning. Talk about a "stick and string!"

That's all from Hadley Creek. Stay tuned to the upcoming Dream Season 9 for more Pike County action.