October 29: Bric Steward

Having to start over and begin scouting the last weekend of October is not the ideal situation! After loosing a couple of farms we were starting from scratch. We started on this farm by putting in some Biologic Last Bite and monitoring it with a Reconyx. Our survey was decently positive. We had several pictures of mature deer. The shooters however were never in daylight and very sporadic. So we thought we had a good “Back up” farm to fall back on if needed. Now, it has become needed! Dad and I started our scouting to look for the obvious sign for this time of year, rubs scrapes and food/cover. We picked out a spot on Saturday morning with a line of scrapes and several fresh rubs next to a standing 5 acre bean field and one BIG red oak dropping acorns like rain. I told dad this is it! We were perched there on the morning of October 30th just waiting for the “Scrape Maker” to come through. Well….we waited a long time and absolutely nothing showed.

We packed up climbed down and went to the Southwest part of the farm to where most of the cover was. This farm has a moderate amount of pressure from the farmer and family enjoying it for other than hunting. We found a group of productive oaks in relatively open spot and the work began. We had the Big Game set hung and ready to hunt at about 1:30. We ran to get a quick bite to eat, and then were headed back to the tree.

We climbed up and settled in. I got the 2nd camera angle positioned just the way we wanted, gave some quick pre hunt interviews, and sat down to wait and see if the first time in would be the best. And it was, the first couple of deer through were a couple of bucks. With some several intense moments of stare downs, the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity worked it’s magic!

I admit though, I made a bad shot and hit the buck farther back than I wanted! The footage looked like guts and maybe if lucky liver. After talking to Mark and Tom Ware about the hit I was feeling a little better, but decided to leave him overnight. We started early Halloween day looking for my treat. After a short track job, the Rage did it’s job!

I’m happy to see “Slowtober” behind us and Sweet November on the calendar! Buckle up, wear you safety harnesses and get ready, because it’s going to get good!
Safe Hunting