This morning started off with a rush. My best friend Klem and I were running a little late as we left my Iowa home to head to my northern Missouri farm. We wanted to leave around 5:15am but got out the door about 15 minutes late. We were driving in separate trucks. After only 2 miles I looked in my rear-view mirror and didn't notice any head lights. My cell phone rang and he said "Buddy, I'm sorry to delay us even further, but my back tire just had a blow out!"

Well that took us about 30 minutes and we were back on the road! Klem said "You know sometimes things happen for a reason". I agreed and knew we would arrive at our stand at least thirty minutes after shooting time. I'm glad I didn't pass any cops on the way to Missouri because they would have for sure clocked me over the legal speed limit! Also Klem wasn't too happy with me either. He called and said "Easy on this spare tire my friend".

We finally arrived to my farm and we quickly unloaded the HuntVe and dressed in our Scent Blocker to head into the woods. It was cold, about 25 degrees with an east wind. We snuck in the best we could with only a 3 mph wind.

I had been waiting to hunt this stand since October 25th. I would not hunt it before that date!!! I also would not hunt it unless I had an east wind. Today was the first easterly wind we had since mid October and I knew we had to get to Missouri to hunt this stand. We had named the stand Mountain Dew because when you enter the field someone had stuck an old Mountain Dew bottle in the fence post.

I had a ton of Reconyx photos of 3 big bucks from a tree right below the stand. One was already killed by Klem himself on October 28th. He was a big 10 point scoring 168. So, I was after one of the two remaining big bucks and I knew they both were pushing gross Boone.

If you know me at all, you would know how excited I was to hunt this stand knowing these bucks were in this area. That's what I love about the Reconyx cameras. They help me be a better hunter and know where and when to hunt! I can't say enough about them and it's not because they are a Drury Outdoors Sponsor!!!

We had only planned to hunt until 10am so that we could go pick up our kids and return to the same farm to get ready for the youth hunt this weekend. The time to leave was approaching and my mind started to drift away from hunting to what I needed for my daughter and the Missouri youth season. Then....the sound of a deeeeeeeeep grunt comes from the southeast. I whispered to Klem, "Did you hear that"? He whispered back "YES!". I grabbed my Hyper Growl and emulated that sound I just heard. We waited....nothing for a couple minutes. Klem said, "Do a snort wheeze." I did. Then we waited again for a minute and saw a doe come out of the brush. Then another doe and her button buck fawn came out into the clover food plot. Another few minutes went by and then we see "The Slim Jim" buck appear. My heart started to race. He was still over 100 yards away but I just had a feeling he was going to come our way.

The does and fawn fed for 10 minutes in the clover as Slim Jim did a scrape. He then went south into the timber and my heart sank. But in less than a minute he reappeared. The one doe and fawn worked our way and eventually came right under us at 5 yards. I literally prayed to God in the stand that he would decide to follow this doe and not the other one that went west.

He turned and went back into the brush he had originally emerged. We were disappointed to say the least. Then, my prayer was answered! He turned around and came back in the clover and then took a Beeline right for us.

My heart was racing so fast and Klem was breathing like Darth Vader. I told him to settle down, but was really talking to myself. Slim Jim stopped and did a scrape at 39 yards. I considered shooting him right there but knew he was going to come right under us.

I told myself to stay patient and did just that. He finished the scrape and walked right under us. He got broadside at 10 to 12 yards and I drew my PSE EVO without him seeing me and as soon as Klem gave me the go I released and made a good shot.

He went about 80 yards and fell on film. Our morning ended with a rush....just as it began!

We both called our wives and told them we would be late to pick up Bailey and Jessica. We had a lot of work in front of us but it's always worth it! This never gets old!!!!!!