November 3: Matt Drury

We had an unbelivable evening in the timber!!  I've never seen so many bucks at one time converge onto a little spot.  We went in to a spot that hadn't been hunted in several years and the sign was unbelievable!!  Scrapes and rubs everywhere.  

We were in the stand for a few minutes and had an encouter with a 4 year old buck at 50 yards....I didn't even have my bow in the stand yet!  It all went gang busters from there!  

I can only assume that a hot doe came strolling through there and brought every buck in the area along with her!  At one point we had 3 bucks within 10 yards of each other grunting and posturing.  It was truly unreal.  

The buck I elected to take stepped into my shooting lane at 30 yards....he was quartering away and I tucked the Bow Madness arrow back and aimed for the off shoulder.  The arrow entered a few inches further back then I would have liked, but upon review back at the bunk house it went right up through and looked like it may have barely exited through behind the off shoulder (upon recovering the deer the Rage Titanium did in deed poke out behind the off shoulder).    

With the temps as low as they were last night we elected to let him go over night to expire.  We felt like he was dead, but did not want to tempt fate.  First thing this morning we went in and walked about 150 yards and recovered the deer!  The RAGE did work and we had a happy camp!  

Not only did we recover my buck, but we had my nephews in camp for their first hunt ever on dad's farm and both of them harvested nice bucks this morning for the Missouri Youth Season that opened up today!  So all in all....great couple of days up here at dad's!  Family and friends is what it's all about!!