November 4: Kyle Lamore

This hunt actually began back on August 2, 2011. I had gone out for dinner with my family to celebrate my birthday when I got a text message from JJ Kolesar entitled “Happy B-day present”. It was a picture of two great bucks together, as he had just gone to check the Reconyx cameras for the first time this year.

Once again, we were on a brand new lease (as always ☺) and the first pics we got were two bucks we named Corky and Split Brow. Both of them seemed to be regulars for the remainder of the season and into the bow season. Well, as is often the case, once fall rolls around the pics became more and more night time and less during daylight.

Finally, November was here and we had yet to see either from the stand. We decided to really push into some thick cover to hang a new set. We sat it once towards the end of October and were very disappointed seeing only a fawn and small buck. Saturday, November 5th the wind was perfect to try the set again. As we settled in the tree in the dark, I was already not liking the setup because I could tell one of our co-leasers had sat the stand the previous day. Action was slow at the start with the highlight being me missing a red coated coyote with the arrow sailing right over his back. A few minutes later, a doe exploded through the timber followed by another a few minutes later. I gave out a few soft grunts but still didn’t see any buck following. Finally, about ten minutes later I spotted this guy trying to circle around and cut off the doe in our fencerow. He was trotting right down the trail and at 15 steps I stopped him and let the arrow fly. It hit him hard and I had finally put down a great buck after 2 long years!

I was so anxious to kill a deer this year because last year was tough to find enough time for hunting. I was building a new house and we had our first child on November 12th the season seemed to be over before it started. JJ and I have a few vacation days coming up and I hope to be able to return the favor of filming him kill one in the days to come! Good luck to all! Kyle