November 4: Joe Shults

 After hunting for 5 days at Hadley Creek for the first leg of Dream Season "The Journey" we came back to my farm to hunt. After hunting my farm for 6 days Coon Dog and I woke to a SE wind on November the 5th. We talked about the movement we had seen at Hadley and on the farm and we decided to get aggressive this morning. I picked a stand that we call The Killing Tree to hunt . It is a set that is back in the timber and close to a bedding area.

We climbed up in the Big Game ladder stand before daylight and was settled in waiting on daybreak. We saw
movement early. We had a small buck come up the ridge just after daylight from our down wind and never knew we were there, I knew then it was going to be a good sit.

Then out of the thicket stepped a nice mature wide 8 point. As he walked into the old road bed I told Coon Dog
shooter ! As we got everything in motion the buck stopped at an old mud hole for a quick drink then horned a tree and
made a scrape ! After he made the scrape and turned sideways already had my Dream Season Evo at full draw. As I
released the arrow there was not a prettier sight than watching that green Lumenok disappear through his heart ! As
he ran I grunted at him he stopped then stumbled and fell!

No tracking here!!  It can happen that fast. We were a little down and then
we were at the top of the mountain in about 4 minutes! Team M.A.D. is finally on the board !!!!!!!!!!