When Zach Killed his deer two weeks ago, the last statement on the story was “Missouri youth rifle season this year is November 5th & 6th. Right in the middle of the rut, this could be interesting.” I'm not sure interesting was the right choice of words. Maybe unbelievable would have been a better word.

Opening day of youth season November 5th, I was with my 7 year old grandson Andrew Dent and his father Aaron. You might remember them from the Dream Season 12 video last year. Every time over the past year that I would ask Andrew if he was ready to shoot another big buck, he would say yes. A few weeks ago, I took the 223 TC Contender rifle and made the trip to Andrew's home in south central Missouri. He would have shot the TC all day if I would have let him. I told him we were just wasting bullets; he's that good of a shot. I bought him some new Mossy Oak clothes and we were ready to go.

We spend lots of time and money on our food plots. We had rain early in the fall, but could have used lots more. Last week we had two inches of rain at the farm. This rain seemed to start the Biologic growing again. The best plots we have are in the big center field just below our hunting cabin. This year half the field is in Biologic Maximum and half in Biologic Winter Bulbs and Sugar Beets. We also have several areas of Biologic Last Bite and Biologic Clover Plus. We have had Reconyx cameras running all fall. We had several nice bucks located including the deer Andrew shot. Zach had nicknamed him “Bruiser”. We had over forty pictures of “Bruiser” but not one of them in the daylight. We would get his picture almost every time we checked the cameras. I was hoping some of the grandkids would have a chance at him. I honestly thought it would be during late muzzleloader season.

Andrew, his Dad and myself were sitting over Maximum and winter bulbs forty minutes before daylight opening morning. Mark Drury text me while we were waiting for it to get light. He ask if Andrew (“little knucklehead”) was ready. I assured him he was. All we needed was a “big buck to step out”. When it finally got daylight, we had several anterless and 2 small bucks in the food plot. After looking at the bucks with the Nikon binoculars, we decided to wait for a bigger buck. A few minutes, I thought my son-in-law was messing with me when he said big buck. I started filming and couldn't believe my eyes. We also had another camera running filming Andrew from behind. Andrew's buck was coming to the center of the field following a doe. At about 75 yards, he stopped and started eating “Biologic”. I was filming the whole time. He came to 64 yards in a highly grazed Clover Plus field and turned broadside. It was a little tense in the blind. I was telling Aaron to get the scope turned down to 5 or 6 power. I told Andrew I was ready and he fired. The buck turned and ran back into the timber where he had come from. Both myself and Andrew's dad thought we heard the bullet smack when it hit the deer. We were all in amazement about the size of the deer. After a short walk across the Biologic we found Andrew's buck piled up in the creek less than 60 yards from where he had been shot. If you remember Zach's deer “Thriller” on Dream Season 10, Andrew's deer was shot in the same field at almost the exact same spot. He also left the field the same way Thriller did. When you can sit and watch something like this happen, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. Ashley “Zach's little sister” is up to bat this 1st weekend of regular firearms season. She passed a 130 class buck last weekend. Missouri lets these kids hunt two different 2 day youth seasons and the regular firearms season. At 14 Ashley has never killed a deer, but look for that to change soon. I will say it again. “ If you haven't taken a child hunting, it's your loss.
Safe Hunting

PS: Andrew has a new nickname “Bruiser”