After filming Brandon Jennings kill in Kansas I was on my way back through Missouri and figured I would call Mark and see if he needed an extra Cameraman for someone in his camp. I had one more day off work so why not keep filming. We traded texts and said to come on up and it would give Joe the day off.

I couldn’t wait to get to camp, Mark had kill that night so I was eager to see his buck. But the bigger surprise was walking through the door and seeing left handed phenom Jon Lester, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox! WOW! And then it got even better when Mark asked if I wanted to film Jon in the morning. I mean really….did he even have to ask! Being a true baseball fan this was going to be a experience of a lifetime.

We looked over the map for the next mornings hunt for several different stand sights the wind direction predicted. We chose a set on the same farm that Jon the year prior had several great encounters with deer. The set was structurally perfect for a rut hole.

We slipped in and got settled in just in time for day to break. Immediately we had a young 8 under us working a scrape. We knew that we might be in for a great hunt. It just kept getting better. We had several deer pop out into the bean field behind us. Jon stared through the Nikons and said “hey there are 3 bucks out there and one might be a shooter.” A spike worked under us hitting scrapes on the field edge followed by another young 8pt doing the same. Jon then said the big one was following the same path. He wasn’t going to let those little guys work his scrapes! He punished every scrape and licking branch on the field edge. It was perfect. Worked into a 15 yard wide open hole, and Jon tucked the rage behind the shoulder like a fast ball to a clean up hitter! Smoked him! I was total excitement in the tree after the shot. We couldn’t believe it looked that easy.
We called Joe to bring the truck over and an extra camera for the tracking. When Joe walked up to get us he said you guys did go get him yet, he’s laying right there. There was just enough rise in the bean field he was laying over the edge. We jogged over to see the Missouri GIANT laying benched from the strike out Jon gave him!

A 2 year quest for a Bow Buck for Jon had ended with a 160” 8pt! And a trip of a lifetime for me was filled. I got to see 3 bucks die in 3 states in 8 days! And got to meet a future Hall of Famer…it doesn’t get any better. Joe thanks for taking the morning off, and Mark thanks for letting me spend the morning of Nov 7th in the tree with Jon Lester! Just plain crazy!

Keep hunting safe the rut is on fire!