November 4: Brandon Jennings

The deal was that I would film Brandon in Kansas, and he would film me in Iowa or Illinois if I needed him. Needless to say I didn’t draw Iowa. But, I was going to fulfill my end of the deal and follow him to Kansas in a whirlwind of a trip.

After seeing patients all day Friday I hit the road a late night rush to Kansas. I stopped in Cameron, Mo at Brandon’s house to meet up with him and reload the truck. Caught a quick hour and a half power nap and was back on the road by 2:45 am! Ouch! But we made it to the farm in time to hunt Saturday morning.

Wind is about all we saw Saturday morning, but we know from the structure and sign it was the spot to be. Just gaining permission on this farm we didn’t have any Reconyx pics to go off of, so it was the excitement of the imagination of what was going to show up!

We put the Tree Spider’s on and buckled in for a WINDY Saturday afternoon hunt. We shortly had a mature doe and several yearlings filter by just as planned. We were just hoping that a shooter would do the same.

Right when the magical hour starts to wind down, I hear through all the wind and blowing corn stalks the faint footsteps of a deer closing in really fast. I immediately was telling Brandon “shooter, shooter, shooter, shooter…” in hopes he would hear me through the wind. I worked like it was scripted. Brandon stopped him at 25 yards quartering away and he took the Rage like a man. He couldn’t hold it long, as we watched in crash in the corn field just 80 yards away…or so we thought! During the interview, it got interesting. The buck somehow got back up, pouring blood from his exit wound and walked another 80 yards before tumbling into a 5ft deep creek. LOL, sorry Brandon I had run the camera. After a short FREEZING swim, Brandon recovered his Kansas warrior. Then it was time to get some sleep! Hopefully Brandon now returns the favor and picks up the camera for me late season this year.