November 6: David Lindsey

The older I get, the more I enjoy being in the outdoors chasing whitetails. My love and respect grows for these animals with every year I get to hunt. I had an early encounter with a 10 ½ year old deer named Mr. Chocolate (the deer Lil’ Jon missed on Whitetail Madness last season) in early October. It’s proven if you get a chance to harvest a deer of that age, you better take him at the earliest opportunity you have. He slipped out of my hand, and my next chance at an old whitetail would not come until a month later.

First of November found me waiting on the weather to make a turn and getting some work behind me. I was ready to spend some time in the woods but the first three days of November were spent battling the elements of rain , wind and passing on some really good bucks that had excellent potential. We hunted around in some different areas the first few days of the month waiting for it to get right and then on the 3rd we moved into the timber. I decided to stay in there until the big boys got on their feet.

When I woke up the morning of November 7th, I was reading some emails and saw one from Matt Drury. I found out about Joe and Pam Shults’ sad news and from then on I was feeling so bad I didn’t even want to go hunting. My thoughts and prayers kept going to Joe and Pam. There was a feeling of wishing there was something I could do to help but the only thing I could do was to ask God to help them.

Once we made it to our set in the timber, it was overcast and about 30 degrees and the wind had calmed down. About 8:30am, a 5 ½ year old buck we recognized named Samson, came by at ten yards. Then about 9:30,am we had a buck come in chasing a doe and they worked their way back by us and she came to our left and the buck came to our right. It took me a few seconds to get a good look at him before I decided I was going to take him. The buck was down wind of us and he may have smelled us, but he didn’t want to lose sight of that doe. He slowly worked his way by us and when I finally got the green light from my cameraman, I let the arrow fly. The rage ate him up and he only ran about 75 yards before piling up. Man what a feeling to shoot a deer in the timber and then to watch him fall!

When we got down and went over to him he was just as I expected, a big old Iowa brute and he was sporting a 5 inch droptine, my first droptine buck ever! We decided to get out and come back with our HuntVe and some extra help to finish up.

After we got him back to the house and put him on our Big Game scales, he weighed in at 284 lbs., and scored 154 6/8. We estimated him to be 6 ½ years old. What a wonderful experience we had that morning in the timber, nothing like it!