November 8: Aaron Bennett

I had an encounter with this buck during the last week of October with my brother, Andrew. We were heading in to hunt a new set I had just hung, and before we could make it to the stand this buck was fighting with another one of my shooters directly under the stand. So, we just sat back and filmed him for a couple minutes until the coast was clear to move in and climb up. That was the first I had seen of the buck I call “Standard 8”. Later that day I checked my reconyx cameras and he was all over them.

Fast forward 2 weeks…..

November 9 started off cold, windy, and rainy. A cold front was passing through and we were on the back edge of the rain. This was the break that we needed because November had been rather warm so far. Cameraman Tim Siegler and I waited until it was just light enough to see through our Nikon Binoculars, and hustled across the muddy, disked up fields to the stand. We usually wait until we can see because we have to cross a lot of big open fields to get to the timber where we hunt. We climbed up the tree and geared up quickly because it was already shooting light. Timmy had just pulled the camera out of the bag and I was still digging around in my pack when I looked over my shoulder and saw “Standard 8” walking towards us and already in bow range. After a brief moment of confusion, Timmy was on the deer and I smoked him at 15 yards. The hit was liver, so we gave him the appropriate time and recovered him later. He only went 50 yards before piling up but I couldn’t see him in the thick timber!

I really want to say thanks to Matt Robinson from the Hunting Lease Network for helping me find a quality piece of ground to hunt! The Hunting Lease Network has tons of really good farms, and if you are in need of a place to hunt, I would highly recommend checking them out!

Good luck and be safe! -Aaron