October was a real challenge for Gregg and I this year. Between family, work, and building a new house, I had almost no time to climb a tree before November. The last 10 days had been tough. We just weren’t seeing any good bucks on their feet in daylight hours. In fact, 3 of the last 5 sits, we didn’t see a deer! November brought more sightings of good bucks each day for our lease partners, but Gregg and I were only seeing immature deer.

The morning of November 7th was cold and clear. In August, we planted 8 acres of Biologic food plots and the deer were hammering it. We wanted to be near those plots this week. We decided to sneak around to the backside of one of the Biologic fields and climb into one of our favorite stands we call Skyscraper. This has been a good stand over the years during the rut. The night before a big, wide, heavy 10 point ran right under our friend Shawn McPherson only 100 yards from where we were going. Amazingly we found the tree and hung a camera stand without spooking a deer.

Just after first light I saw several does feeding in the food plot 130 yards away. A small buck started to chase them and with a few grunts on the Hyper Growl, he was standing under our tree! About an hour passed and the does were still in the Biologic. Just then, I saw two more does run into the plot and were looking back on their trail. After several minutes, Gregg saw a buck cruise the edge of the field. I called to him on the Hyper Growl and got his attention. I just couldn’t tell how good he was because he was behind a bunch of brush.

Just then, a small buck walked right to our stand. I hit the call again and the buck started running to us. I got my Nikon’s on him and instantly knew he was a shooter! He dropped into a ravine and popped out on the run at 50 yards. Poor Gregg was having a fit with the camera, but managed to get on the buck as soon as he appeared. He closed the gap and stopped at 12 yards. He was 50 feet below me, so I aimed high and smashed him with the Evo! He ran 80 yards and did a full front flip and crashed. I couldn’t believe it!

From the time we first saw him to when we shot him was only a matter of seconds. This was the first shooter buck we had seen all year and my first OH buck ever. What a hunt. It all happened so fast, I never really knew how big he was. We actually had Reconyx pictures of him in several areas of the farm. I about fell over when we walked up to him. Everything about him was huge. This was the same big 10, that was seen the night before. He was staying near those food plots and checking does. Now I’m Mr. Cameraman for the rest of the season until Gregg puts one down. Stay tuned!