Last Year at the Drury Outdoors Fall Meeting Joe Gizdic, owner of Tall Tine Outfitters, invited Dad and myself up for a bowhunt at his place in Roodhouse, IL. After having my accident I was cut short on hunting time so I didn’t get to make it. But this spring while turkey hunting with him and Tom Ware, Joe once again offered up a chance to hunt with him at Tall Tine. He didn’t have to ask me twice this year! We jumped at the chance.

Dad and I were scheduled to hunt at Tall Tine the last weekend of October. But Joe called and asked if we could move the hunt back a couple of weeks because the bucks weren’t moving and his well was dry at his lodge. Funny thing is when Dad and I turkey hunted at Tom’s place this spring with Joe, Tom’s tank was dry too! Funny how things work out, because I killed here at home the weekend (Oct 30th) we were scheduled to be at Joe’s. So staying home worked out pretty good.

We put on the calendar to be at Tall Tine Veteran’s Day weekend. Our First morning Dad passed a nice 130” 3 year old out cruising. So we knew we had hit the rut right! That evening it got even better. We encountered 5 different shooters and Dad came to draw twice but could get the 150” rutter to slow down. The next morning Joe said we should to sit all day, because the other hunters had had several encounters between 11-2pm. He was right we saw 1 shooter and another 3 year old between 11:30 and 1:15pm. But not as much rutting activity as the prior several days, so we were concerned about the dreaded period known as….”Lock Down!”

Our last morning Joe put us next to a big bedding area with a narrow finger shooting out of it funneling the deer past a beautiful set. Just like they were supposed to do, Dad spotted the big shooter shooting out of the thicket and slowly cruising our way. At 33 (33.4 to be exact from the Nikon) Dad let the Rage fly. This is were it gets interesting….as it always does with him. His emotions got the best of him and shot as the deer was still walking. Yes, he made an absolute horrible shot, but with the 2” cut from the rage it completely severed the Femoral artery and the deer was dead with in 75 yards from the tree.

Thank you Joe Gizdic and Tall Tine Outfitters! Amazing place and can’t wait to go back…this time I’m shooting LOL! So far this has been a Dream Season for me I’ve seen 4 bucks hit the dirt in 2 weeks and in 3 different states. 2 of them were 160+! And now it’s time to bring out the Ol’ T/C Boom Sticks for the IL gun season!
Hunt Safe!