November 3: Adam Kuehn

This year we were taking a different approach during the Illinois seasons...we have alot of mature deer that need to be harvested. The pictures were rolling in of bucks and we made a list of deer to be shot and not to be shot and we realized we had our work cut out for us! We have about 10 mature bucks that arent as big as they should be so we are targeting them.

The morning of the 4th rolled around and it was an awesome morning to be in the deer woods. Right off the bat we had two does walk past and an encounter with a 3 year old buck. A little time after that I looked up the hill and saw two does with a buck right behind them and I knew right away he was a shooter!

He wasnt the buck he should be so I pulled out the M.A.D. Hyper Growl and he came strait into us...even walking down wind proving the Scent Blocker does its job! He gave us a perfect broadside shot at 30 yards and I smoked him.

What a great hunt and an awesome weekend to be at deer camp...it was my father's birthday on the 3rd and there is no other place I would rather be than to spend it with him at deer camp having a blast.