November 10: Bobby Goodine

Everyone knows that Hadley creek Outfitters is one of the premier places to go when you want to hunt whitetails in Illinois, so when the opportunity arose to hunt there I was absolutely pumped. Not only was i going, but going the first week in November! That week is normally the magical week that all hunters dreams are made of with deer running around crazy chasing does with no other worries in the world.. Hence my excitement..

I called my buddy Micheal Lee to see if he wanted to come film some giant deer in the midwest and with him only being fresh home from Afganistan he jumped all over the idea. Micheal is a Chief Warrant Officer 2 in our US Army. He flies an apache attack helicopter and has served a tour in Iraq and had only been home for two weeks from a very heated tour in Afganistan when we arrived at Hadley Creek. He loves to hunt and loves the outdoors but has given that up for the past few years to serve our country so I knew he would happy to kick back, relax and hunt for a week.

When we first got there the weather was warm but the forecast showed rain then cold weather to follow. Once it got cold the deer started to move like crazy! It was wild! Chasing and cruising was an all day event almost from daylight till dark. That made the all day sits go by very quickly.

The morning of 11-11-11, Veterans day, I knew that it was gonna be a good morning. It was the third day of cold weather and the first frost of the week so I knew deer would be moving. And I wasn't wrong. Harrison Lane, our guide that morning put us in a travel area and they were all over us shortly after daylight. One of those being the deer I would eventually shoot. He was locked down with a doe and was 150 yards away on a ridge across from us.. Going away at that.. Odds were we were not going to get a shot unless something changed.. After an hour and a half of them just chilling within sight of us a doe blasted down the ridge by them and got the doe he was with moving back in our direction.. Its on now!! She walked 25 yards from the base of our tree and if he does what he has done all morning, he was coming too.. And that he did.. Big Buck Down! Laying there in sight dead! My PSE threw that Rage in him before he knew what was coming. Me and Micheal were both pumped .. It had been a long week and here it was the last day but we seemed to get it done.

He ended up being alot bigger than I had judged him at. Mass all the way through and trash galore.. He scored out at 166 and 7/8. My biggest buck ever! He is a unique deer and i couldn't be happier.. That just shows that management works. Having a 140 minimum in place lets average deer grow into deer like him..

Hadley Creek Outfitters didnt let me down.. I went there to see a ton of deer and have a good time and my expectations were surpassed. Thanks to the crew there for a good time and for a great experience all the way around..