November 8: John O'Dell & Dave Reisner

John O'Dell harvested his whitetail on November 9th in KS and Dave Reisner harvested his whitetail on November 12th in IA.  

Well so far 2011 has been a phenomenal year for Dave and me with our PSE’s! We started the year up in Saskatchewan Canada and we both took beautiful color phase black bears. Then we kicked off the whitetail season in Kentucky with Ben Maki, Dustin “Shed” Whitaker, and our good friends at Mossy Oak and we both took great velvet bucks out of the same tree only minutes apart. Then I took my son to South Texas for a farther and son adventure and we both took big mature South Texas bucks with our PSE’s. So as I was flying from Virginia to meet Dave in Des Moines, Iowa I wondered if our good fortune would continue in Iowa and Kansas during the November rut.

Well to kick things off we were back with our good friends Cole and Cody Winther at SW Iowa Outfitters www.southwestiowaoutfitters.com . Cole and Cody have some of the best whitetail property I have ever hunted in Iowa. They also offer turkey, predator, waterfowl, and upland bird hunting on several thousand acres. Based on previous conversations with Cole we were feeling extremely confident that Dave would harvest one of the giant bucks that roam his farms but when we arrived Mother Nature had other plans. We had some really bad luck mixed with strong winds and then rainy nasty weather so we decided to head over to Kansas to see if we could change our luck and then come back to Iowa later in the week. So while it was raining/sleeting we made the three hour drive over to Kansas to climb into a tree.

We were on invitation from our good friend Brad Czapanskiy. I had been filming Dave in Iowa so I was up to bat first in Kansas. The first afternoon we tried to hunt but it was so rainy and nasty we could not even risk turning on the camera even when we saw a big shooter. The next day however dawned clear and cold and I just knew this would be the day and to be sure I wore my lucky hat. It is my Mossy Oak Infinity baseball cap that I was wearing when we have shot all of our animals on video in 2011. In the morning we had a close encounter with a management 8pt buck that Brad asked us to shoot if we had the chance. Luckily for him he stayed just out of bow range at about 60 yards. We made a mid day switch to a honey hole that is a funnel but also sits on the edge of an inside corner of a field with a couple acres of standing beans. In no time a nice 9pt buck came in dogging a doe but when I tried to stop him he stopped right behind a tree and then he resumed chasing the doe and I could not get a shot. Then at about 4:30PM a beautiful 5.5 year old 10 pt showed up on the scene. It was like he had read the script as he proceeded right down the edge of the beans an offered me a 40 yard broadside shot. I was maybe a little over confident and took careful aim and shot right underneath him. Ugh! Well luckily for me (must have been my lucky Mossy Oak hat) he ran into another buck and chased that smaller buck back into the standing beans. Then he circled around to our side of the field and eventually offered me an 18 yard chip shot. I took careful aim and when I released my Bow Madness arrow from my PSE Dream Season Evo he dropped about 8” and I hit him high! Ugh again! Luckily for me my Rage broadhead did its work as usual and I caught the top of the backside lung and my first Kansas buck was on the ground. He is probably the largest bodied deer I have ever harvested. A big thank you goes out to Brad! Well I filmed Dave for the next few days and we had some more close encounters with nice bucks but could not seal the deal so with only one day left to hunt it was time to head back to Iowa.

We were going to go down swinging in our favorite stand at SW Iowa Outfitters. Dave and I have harvested 2 nice bucks in 2 days of hunting in this stand in the past 2 seasons. Could we make it 3 for 3 we were wondering? We planned to sit all day but you know what they say about the best laid plans. Not long into the hunt a 4.5 year old mainframe 10 pt came in chasing a doe. They had apparently been spooked by pheasant hunters on the neighboring property and ran right up to our tree. The buck ended up at 3 steps from the tree when Dave shot him with his PSE Dream Season Evo and the footage is incredible! What a way to finish off our Midwest rut hunt with 2 great bucks on the ground.

So far 2011 has been my best year ever with Drury Outdoors as I have personally seen 7 mature bucks hit the dirt already as the cameraman or hunter and the footage has been awesome! Hopefully the hot streak continues.

Dave’s wife Amy is up to bat now in Iowa as Dave is trying to help her harvest her second buck with her PSE bow!