November 13: Steve "Coon Dog" Coon

Roll the dice with the Boss Babe!

November 10th I found myself back in the tree in Illinois trying to close the deal on the second leg of Dream season the rut! The days that had past up to the 14th we knew the rut was getting better by each day do to all the shooters being on their feet and the amount of chasing we were seeing and then on the 14th it was hot as a pepper!

That morning just as it broke daylight I picked up the horns and rattled once and with that not did I have one buck come running in, but I had 5 even though they were only 2 ½ to 3 ½ I knew for some reason this was going to be the day. Well as luck would have it movement shut down to a trickle, but at 9 we had a hot doe bring in two shooters but she kept them in a thicket that was just above the set we were hunting.

As we sat there and watch all the excitement in the thicket, I felt we were in the cheap seats and something had to happen or we had to make it happen. Well we picked the second option and that was to come back to the same set but this time we were bringing a lady friend the Boss Babe one of Flambeau’s realistic deer decoys.

So now we had a plan and that was to place the Boss Babe just below the thicket so any buck could see her if he stepped out of the thicket or if he was just at the edge looking out. I then sat her in place, sprayed her down with Scent Blocker’s Ti4, placed a dip wick with Still Steamin on her, and with any luck she would do the job!

Once again I found myself sitting in that rock solid Big Game Tree Stand and I was attached to the tree with my new Spider Safety System just waiting for the game to unfold. At 3:30 the game did begin, we had a mature whitetail pop out and boy did he put on a show! As he began making his way toward the Boss Babe, back in the thicket I heard one of the loudest growls I ever heard. So with that I reached for the Mad Buck Growl and let out two series of growls to match his and with that the old man stepped out. Oh yea guess who forgot their Hyper Growl in the truck meeeee!

Back to the hunt, now we had to mature whitetails closing in and I thought I was going to see one of the biggest heavy weight fights of the year, but the old man laid his ears back and walked toward stud boy and that’s all it took stud boy was off and running. Needless to say the two bucks were within 30 yards of the Boss Babe but we won’t be able to see if the winner was able to claim his prize, because after the Rage was released from the Dream Season Evo it was time to say good night Gracie! So it just goes to show you that some times you have to step out of the box to get the deal done!

This hunt is dedicated to Evan Shults I’m going to miss you my friend!