We have had a pretty good year so far. Zach killed a nice deer with his PSE EVO on October 22nd. My 7 year old grandson Andrew killed a monster buck named "Bruiser" the first morning of Missouri youth season. I had been hunting with my granddaughter Ashley quite a bit during the Misourri Gun season. She can't hunt after school because she plays basketball.

The field where Andrw killed "Bruiser" this year is my havorite area to hunt on my entire farm. We have half the field in Maximum and most of the rest of the field is in WinterBulbs and Sugar Beets. We do have a small strip of Last Bite planted next to the creek. We also have a small area of Clover Plus in the center of the field. While hunting the area with Ashley we observed several nice bucks hitting the Biologic. It had frozen a couple of times and I expected the Biologic would be getting sweeter. The problem we had was that we never seemed to have enough camera light.

The rut has been really been different in my area this fall. It seemed to me that it never really kicked in. I kept telling Zach we needed to try this field the tail end of gun season. We had a perfect wind on November 21st. We also had rain forecasted. Zach didn't get out of school until 2:45. By the time he got to the shooting house,it would be 3:20 or so. The plan was that I would get into the shooting house with everything; cameras, gun, etc. Zach would dress then sneak into the blind. We used radios to communicate. Zach called me on the radio when he got close. I only had one anterless deer in the field. The anterless deer that was in the field just sort of walked out when Zach got into the shooting house. By 3:30 we were ready and hadn't alarmed the deer.

Zach had only been in the shooting house a few minutes when the deer started coming into the field to eat on the Biologic. We had seen several deer, but nothing we wanted to shoot. It was getting darker and I knew we didn't have much filming time left. We had a smaller buck enter the field. A few minutes later Zach's old 10 pointer walked in. He immediately started eating on the Biologic Winter Bulbs and Sugar Beets. Zach said he wanted to "shoot" him. I was filming the deer and he started moving. Zach had to move and actually shot the deer out of the front window. He was using a TC Encore .308. He intentionally hit the deer in the shoulder. The buck started buldozing through the Biologic. He only made it a few feet before he died. Ashley is up to bat next. She still has a two day late youth season. She's even talking about muzzleloading. I still have a tag left also. Who knows I may have Zach and Ashley film me during muzzleloading season. I know one thing, I'm having a "blast" hunting with these kids.

Be Safe