The morning of November 23 approached faster then I wanted it to as I awoke on the couch at Andrew Bennett’s house. I closed at work the night before so it was going to make for a small nap rather than a decent night’s sleep. However when he flipped the light on I knew I had to get up because it was today that we were finally going to sit a stand I call “Lower 48”.

This is one of my best rut stands if not the best, however it takes a Northern or Western wind or a combo of the two for us to productively sit it. And as I’m sure many of you know this year has been the year of South and East winds. No matter how bad I wanted to pile in this spot, we could not risk blowing out the entire timber. The way this year was going I didn’t think we would ever be able to climb into the tree. Well, the day finally came, we had been watching the weather all week and finally on the 23rd the forecast read NW switching to WNW, Andrew texted me the news at work and I quickly replied I’ll be there in the morning.

Upon arriving to the stand we both commented on how warm it still was and that it was still very overcast. The weather called for cooler temps and clear skies. I told Andrew I didn’t feel good about it. I’ve always had better luck here on clear crisp mornings. I couldn’t believe it, I’ve been waiting all year for this morning and the weather man missed it by a mile!!! The longer we sat the more down I got, Andrew kept saying “it only takes one hot doe”. Not too long after discussing our issues and possibilities I finally spotted a deer walking towards us. It did not take long to discover he was a shooter after I glassed him with my Nikon’s. This buck could not have read the script any more perfectly, walked right in and stopped in an open lane at 25 yards. The PSE and Rage did the rest. After the hit the deer made it 100 yards on his death run and it was the easiest track job we’ve ever encountered. The buck is my biggest to date and the second buck that Andrew has been behind the camera for (He’s been behind it for a few misses also, but we won’t count those).

Although it is only a little past the mid-way point this buck really put a great mark on my season. I was fortunate enough to film my Dad, Rich Seigler harvest his largest deer to date on opening day of rifle season, a 160 2/8 brute of an animal and just a few days prior to that I filmed Aaron Bennett tag his largest buck ever with his bow. So far this has been a great season and I’m hoping it continues until the very end.

A huge thanks goes out to Ronnie O’Neil and his family for allowing my Dad and I to hunt with them all of these years, some of my best memories are on that farm. And another big thanks goes out to Andrew Bennett for laying down the footage, we’ve logged some hours in the tree together over the years and he always keeps it interesting.